First Meeting March 2021 - Northern Ireland, UK (Online)

At the first transnational project meeting, partners shared and discussed their vision for the project’s intellectual outputs. Insightful and highly constructive discussions took place about the language, citizenship and work ready courses that the project will create and how to move the idea forward.

Second Meeting June 2021 - Northern Ireland, UK (Online)

At the second transnational project meeting, partners shared and discussed the development of the project’s intellectual outputs. Partner’s discussed accreditation of the courses and the development of content. Work on content planning was also presented and discussed as was the great progress that is being made.

Third Meeting September 2022 - Santander, Spain

It was great to finally meet in person for the third transnational project meeting! Partners shared ideas and collaborated in the development of the project website and intellectual outputs. Great work being done on all courses with the language course already available in English and others to follow soon!

Fourth Meeting June 2021 - Dundalk, Ireland

Partners met at the Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT) for another face-to-face meeting . We worked in collaboration to develop digital resources for older learners including those from migrant, asylum seeker and refugee communities to help them to become more connected. It was great to see the developments that have been made to-date.